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Reset: Supporting Women To Gain Control of Their Hormones & Lose Weight Fast
Ever Wonder Why it's SO Much Harder for Women to Lose Weight?
AND Even More of a Struggle to Keep it Off . . .
Dr. Ban Cracks the Code to Weight Loss with
The New Revolutionary  RESET Program . . . 
Specifically Developed 
For Women. By Doctors.
And Now 100% Available Online.
Welcome to Reset Health.
Welcome to a New You.
Hear Heather's Story
*Due to individual differences, people will have differing experiences and results with the Reset Program. As with any diet and lifestyle program, you should always consult your healthcare professional prior to starting the program. 
Empowering Women to Take Back Control of Their Hormones, Weight, & Health
Ever Wonder Why it's SO Much Harder for Women to Lose Weight?
AND Even More of a Struggle to Keep it Off . . .
Dr. Ban cracks the code to weight loss with
The New Revolutionary  RESET Program 
Specifically Developed for Women, 
by Doctors. And Now 100% Available Online.
Welcome to Reset Health.
Welcome to a New You.

  Hear Heather's Story
*Due to individual differences, people will have differing experiences with the Reset Program. As with any diet and lifestyle program, you should always consult your healthcare professional prior to starting the program. 
Empowering Women to Take Back Control of Their Health, Weight, & Quality of Life!
Hi, I’m Dr Ban, Chief Medical Officer at Reset Health.
Have you ever wondered why it can be so difficult to lose weight and even harder to keep it off? Or why most diets have only short term results and the moment you stop dieting the weight bounces back? What if I told you the answer to weight loss for women had nothing to do with calorie counting, exercise, or will power? I’m going to let you in on a little known secret. Something very few doctors even know . . .  The most important word for weight loss and radiant health is HORMONES. Yes, hormones. And the GREAT NEWS is, the moment you learn how to gain control of your hormones, you can gain control of your weight and come back into balance — optimizing your health and vitality to a place you’ve only dreamt about.

You deserve to feel amazing in your own skin and I am proud to say, the solution is now hereAnd now women from around the world are taking back control of their hormones, weight, and health once and for all! Imagine what it will be like 90 days from now to look in the mirror and absolutely love the way you look and feel!
Are You Ready for a Reset? 

"The Reset Program has been a godsend, and the community of women truly feel like family."
"I am now empowered! I haven’t looked and felt this good since my 20’s!"
"This is amazing! Dropped all my baby weight and got my sexy back!"
"I have struggled my entire life with my weight, and for the first time I have control!"
 True Health by
 Life-Long Weight   
       Loss Results
 Hormone Control 
       Community of
       Through Education 
 A Whole New Way
       of Life
 No Calorie Counting
 Not a Fad Diet
 No Boring Meal Plans
 No Exercise   
 No Nasty
      Microwaved Meals
 No Empty Promises
Here's The Deal.
 We have been without the truth for so long that we do not know who to trust. Every year there is a new diet or quick fix being sold. The beauty of the Reset Program is in the empowerment you will receive directly from Dr. Ban, a quadruple board certified physician with a PhD in nutrition whose mission in life is to make you as healthy as possible. And with our revolutionary system you can now RESET your body and hormones so you have control of your health, and create a whole new you. 
this no longer has to be a struggle.
You will never have to go on another miserable diet again… 

You can now gain the incredible health and vitality every women deserves.

Most diets simply cut your calories or force you to eat “diet” food. They were designed by business people to make a profit, not by doctors who understand and care about the biology of a human being (especially the complexities of a woman). These diets are a thing of the past, they simply don't work long term. The future is truly understanding your own body, the food you put in it, and how this effects the most important factor, your precious hormones. 
. . . cue music “happy dance". . .  it's Reset time!
It’s time for YOUR break-through
This 3 Stage Proprietary System gets your body "fat adapted" which LITERALLY BURNS YOUR FAT FOR FUEL so you lose weight faster than ever. And all the while providing improvements way beyond what you could have ever imagined! 
Weight Loss:
Learn how to train your body to use your own fat as fuel. Dr. Ban teaches you the proprietary methodology so you can consistently lose weight while eating foods you love.
Our bodies have the ability to burn fat at an accelerated rate once we learn the principles that allow us to strategically manage our fat storage hormones. By Reseting our hormones we can break any plateau and achieve the weight of our dreams.
Most diets fail because they are just that, a diet. The Reset is a set of proven principles that are flexible, so you get to choose if you want to progressively lose weight, lose weight faster, or maintain weight. Now you are in control.
When You Join THE RESET
you get full access to:
Direct Support from the Doctor
Dr. Ban and the Reset Health Team will be along the journey with you to ensure you achieve your goals.  $400 Value
Comprehensive Weekly Nutrition & Weight Loss Education
Weekly online education directly from Dr. Ban. Know exactly what to do every step
of the way. $600 Value
Exclusive Access to THE RESET Private Community 
A thriving community of empowered women supporting each other along this beautiful journey to health. 
$200 Value
HUGE discounts on RESET Supplements
Custom made by Dr. Ban for YOU to maximize your results. $150 Value
Cooking & Meal Plans by Our Foodologist
Giving you the knowledge and tools to manage your nutrition in the kitchen
for a lifetime.  $150 Value
Weekly Group Coaching Calls and Live Q&As 
Learn directly from Dr. Ban & The Reset team to get your questions answered. 
 $300 Value
Invitation to Our Epic Celebrations & Retreats 
Our community of women is thriving and growing! And as a way to connect and grow together we throw annual events around the world to connect, inspire, and celebrate our healthy success!
A Complete Health & Weight Loss Transformation 
Take back control of your health forever and inspire others to do the same.  
$ Priceless
Total Program Value: $1,850 
Now Receive the Best Price Ever Offered & 
Start for 3 Monthly Payments of Only $199
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"This is the lightest I have been in over 10 years and for the first time I have the confidence that I can be in the 120's soon! With this program it is doable and I don't have to be afraid of food ever again! The Reset is my new way of life adn I am so thankful for the Reset Team!"

Heather Dubinetskiy, Fashion Blogger
& Mother of Three
After the Reset Women Have...
Total Weight Control
Methods and strategies you can use to control your weight and lose pounds when you need it, so you can truly love the way you look in the mirror.
True Health and Vitality
Feel full of energy the moment you wake up and know your body has the fuel it needs, so you can get through each
day feeling amazing.
A Thriving Community of Women
100’s of women who support, love, and care about each others success in the program and lift each other up, so you will never be alone. 
Reset Health isn’t Just a Program, it's a MOVEMENT.
Get to Know the Team & THE RESET HEALTH Mission
We believe that everyone deserves to FEEL and BE their absolute best. Now more than ever the world needs healthy, empowered and inspired people. Our passion is to help everyone optimize their health and wellness in order to unleash their greatest potential, live their dreams, and give their gifts to the world. We can't be the change on our own, but now with the growth of the Reset Community, together we can be the change...
We can talk forever about the incredible life transformations that are happening everyday,
but we prefer to have some of our newest members tell their stories . . .

How does The Reset provide rapid weight loss? 
Dr. Ban has designed a nutrition plan that is backed by science and his own research that ultimately allows your body to use your own fat as fuel. Amazingly, weight loss is only a byproduct of the amazing hormonal reset, anti-aging through autophagy, and so much more.

Do I have to exercise on The Reset Program?
Exercise is not required. It is not needed to be successful in our program. The program’s fat loss methods work on their own. With that being said, exercise is good for mental health, building muscle and happiness; we encourage you to move your body in whatever way feels best to you. 

Do I have to fast in order to achieve the results?
No, fasting is only one of many methods used during The Reset. You will receive all the education and tools in order to fast for health and weight loss, but there are modified and alternative options for anyone who does not want to fast.

I have tried many other diets. How is this different?
Unfortunately, most diets are outdated and based on poor science, and that is why the results are often temporary. This is not a diet, but instead a methodology that is flexible and provides consistent results without plateaus or relapse of weight gain.

When I join the Reset what are the next steps?
The first day of the education begins February 1st. It is important for the entire community to start on the same day because the Reset team will be supporting everyone as a group. Then, everyone who has joined the Reset will progress through the program together.

How much time out of my schedule will the program take?
Each week you will be given comprehensive education videos that vary between 1 and 3 hours total. We also have a fast track option that allows you to get the lessons for the week in less than 10 minutes as well. All the education is done on your own time so it is flexible. There is also a 1 hour weekly community coaching call. We give the education before each weekend. In order to be successful, you will need to carve out a couple of hours each weekend to go over the education. The commitment you make for these 90 days will change the your life, so the time investment is more than worth it!

I am interested in joining the Reset, but I have existing health conditions. Is it safe?
The Reset has flexible strategies that can work for just about anyone, but if you have an existing medical condition or are taking medications with certain requirements, you will need to consult with your healthcare provider. Reset Health is not a medical or healthcare provider, and is only providing nutrition education.
Your life will never be the same again
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