"Are You Ready to Lose Weight Faster than Ever 
& Transform Your Health?" 
-Dr. Ban Truong, PhD
  • Do you want to be proud of the way you look in the mirror - where everyone is amazed by how great you look and wants to know your secret? 
  • Do you want health and vitality like you have only dreamed of - the type of health that you will feel every single day and that inspires your loved ones?
  • Do you want to have complete control of your weight - where you can lose as much as a pound a day without having to calorie count or exercise?
"Are You Ready to Lose Weight Faster than Ever & Transform Your Health? 
- Dr. Ban Truong, PhD
  • Do you want to love the way you look in the mirror? Where everyone is amazed by how great you look and wants to know your secret. 
  • Do you want health and vitality like you have only dreamed of? The type of health that you will feel every single day and that inspires your loved ones. 

Hi this is Dr. Ban, Chief Medical Officer at Reset Health, and I want you to know what a privilege it is to be able to help you achieve extraordinary health and a better quality of life. The Reset program was designed, because after years of watching my patients getting sicker and fatter each year, I knew there had to be a better way. The Reset is a revolutionary program that absolutely transforms people's weight, relationship with food, energy and vitality, and quality of life. I am so happy you are here, and am excited to welcome you to our community. After The Reset, your life will never be the same... 
"My weight was 153 pounds and now I am down to 136 and this all happened in a little over 30 days! This is the lightest I have been in over 10 years and for the first time I have the confidence that I can be in the 120's soon! With this program it is doaable! The Reset is my new way of life."
- Heather Dubinetskiy, Fashion Blogger
          "My wife and I will never look at food or dieting the same. I lost 34 pounds in 40 days and literally look like a different person. The Reset team is like family, and they go the extra mile to see everyone succeed." - Jimmy Crabbe 
What is The RESET Program 
Reset Sacramento is a 90-Day online education & transformation program for people who are ready to lose all their unwanted weight, drastically improve their health, and literally transform their lives, as quickly as possible... AND without any exercise, calorie counting, or typical dieting. This is a special one-time program offered at a large discount to our local Sacramento community before the program becomes available to the entire world. If you are not within an hour's drive of Sacramento, you can still join the program but will just not be able to participate in the local opportunities this program offers. Program start date is first week of October, space is limited, and enrollment will be ending soon. 
PS... if you want to learn more in depth about what you will accomplish and learn throughout the 90 Days there is a video explaining each week of the education later on this page... 
Countdown Until Enrollment Ends
& Closes Until February 2018.....
When You Join The Reset
You Get Full Access To:
Weekly Video & Live Recorded Education (10 Phases with 50+ Videos) 
so you can truly understand how to maximize your results and make The Reset a forever way of life ($1000 Value)
Access To The Private Reset Community 
so you can be supported by coaches and people who have been through The Reset themselves and are all in it together ( $200 Value)
Bod Pod & 3D Imaging Technology  
so you can have accurate measurements of your body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, and metabolism to track your program results  ($200 Value)
Meal Planning, Cooking Recipes, and Pantry 101 
so you have the knowledge and tools to manage your nutrition and kitchen for a lifetime  ( $150 Value)
Weekly Group Coaching Calls and Live Q&As 
so you can learn directly from Dr. Ban & The Reset team to get your questions answered  ($300 Value)
Invitation To Our Local Celebration and Meetup Events 
so we can share incredible food designed by The Reset team, celebrate each other's results, and grow within the community
Complete Health & Weight Loss Transformation 
so you can take back control of your health forever and inspire others to do the same      ($ Priceless)
 Program originally $1,850 now....
for only $450... and now easy payment plans available
 Can't Afford the $450 Discount?
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Get To Know The Team & Reset Health Mission
             "The Reset program is completely different from the diets and information I had been told my entire life, but after losing 13 pounds in 10 days without having to exercise, the results spoke for themselves and I quickly became a believer. I've now convinced my entire family to join the program!"  - Jenn Crabbe
"I joined The Reset 5 months ago and have since lost almost 100 pounds. I was looking for a sustainable approach to nutrition, weight loss, and health. Dr. Ban, Ryan, Van, and the entire Reset team have equipped me with the tools and education so I never have to worry about weight again."
- David Cole, Deputy Chief Of Police, Retired
Including The Most Comprehensive Online Health Education Ever Offered! 
Here is a week by week breakdown:
  • Week 1: #1 Health and Fat Loss Hack
  •  Week 2: Hormone Hacking 
  •  Week 3: Pantry Purge and Food 101
  •  Week 4: "FiberFat" Nutrition 
  •  Week 5: "Foodless" & Modified Fasting
  •  Week 6: Timed Meal Intervals & Meal Planning 
  •  Week 7: Nutrition Cycling & Strategic Cheating
  •  Week 8: Resistant Starch Protocols 
  •  Week 9: Cooking & Ingredients Mastery 
  •  Week 10: Advanced Cooking & Cycling 
  •  Week 11: The Reset Way Of Life 
  •  Week 12: Celebration & Empowerment
Here Is A Quick Recap Of Everything You Will Receive...a $1850 Value
For Only $450... with easy payment plans available
The Reset Sacramento Complete Weight loss and Transformational Program... a $1850 Value
For Only $450 This One Time... 
  • The Leading 90 Day Transformation Education  
  • Access to the Private Reset Community 
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls and Q&As 
  • Meal Planning, Cooking Recipes, and Pantry 101 
  • Bod Pod and 3D Imaging Technology 
  • Invitations to Local Private Events 
  • A Complete Health and Weight Loss Transformation 
Anyone who joins The Reset will have a physical and mental transformation as long as they are dedicated.  However, if you complete the full 90 day program and are not satisfied with the experience, we will return 100% of your money. It is so important to us that you complete the entire program, we require members to complete all the education and assignments in order to qualify for a refund. You will need to apply for a refund within 30 days of the program completion.
Can You Help Us?
I have a huge favor to ask of you... Reset Health is on a mission to transform millions of lives and, in order to do so, we need to spread the word for everyone to hear. We all have family and friends who have lost control of their health and weight, so please help us reach those in need by clicking the share link below.
The Reset FAQ
I do not live in Sacramento. Can I still join Reset Sacramento? Yes you can. This is a special program at a discounted price designed for the greater Sacramento community. Therefore, there are local benefits included, such as the bod pod, 3D imaging, and local events. Although you will not be able to benefit from the local benefits, you still can participate in the program and receive all the health and weight loss benefits.

How does The Reset provide such rapid weight loss? Dr. Ban has designed a nutrition plan that is backed by science and his own research that ultimately allows your body to use your own fat as fuel. Amazingly, weight loss is only a byproduct of the amazing hormonal reset, anti-aging through autophagy, and so much more.

Do I have to exercise on The Reset Program? Exercise is not required by anyone, and we do not make any recommendations to do so. Exercise is not needed in any way to be successful in our program. The program’s fat loss methods are much more effective than any amount of exercise you could do. With that being said, if you enjoy exercise, you can continue doing so while on the program, but it is not required.

Do I have to fast in order to achieve the results? No, fasting is only one of many methods used during The Reset. You will receive all the education and tools in order to fast for health and weight loss, but there are modified and alternative options for anyone who does not want to fast.

I have tried many other diets. How is this different? Unfortunately, most diets are based on outdated and poor science, and that is why the results are often temporary. This is not a diet, but instead a methodology that is flexible and provides consistent results without plateaus or relapse of weight gain.

When I join the Reset what are the next steps? The first day of the education begins October 1st. It is important for the entire community to start on the same day because the Reset team will be supporting everyone as a group. Then, everyone who has joined the Reset will progress through the program together.

How much time out of my schedule will the program take? Each week you will be given education videos that vary between 1 and 3 hours. There is also a 1 hour weekly community coaching call. We give the education before each weekend. In order to be successful, you will need to carve out a couple of hours each weekend to go over the education. The commitment you make for these 90 days will change the rest of your life, so the time investment is more than worth it!

I am interested in joining the Reset, but I have existing health conditions. Is it safe? The Reset has flexible strategies that can work for just about anyone, but if you have an existing medical condition or are taking medications with certain requirements, you must consult with your healthcare provider. Reset Health is not a medical or healthcare provider, and is only providing nutrition education.

Still Have Any Questions? 
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